Annual program: Semester about “Environment” and Leadership (October-December 2018)

From October 2018, we began our annual program in the Maya community of Chumpón.
This semester pays particular attention to our module "environment", with specific workshops on the notion of "leadership".

Every Monday and Wednesday, we offer workshops and activities to young people and young adults from the community.
From 10am to 1pm, we are with young people over 16 years of age.
From 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, we are with young adolescents between 12 and 15 years old.

Every week we have special guests and specific themes to work on: The challenges of the planet, the problems generated by the plastic, the oceans and their threats, being the leader of your community in the field of conservation, etc.

in the mayan lands : Field trip to discover our environment and how to conserve it

To close the summer program, we offered a fiel trip in the Mayan lands to our participants. Objective: discover their environment and know communities, places that offer conservation projects. They learned about their local environment, the endemic animals, the Mayan underworld and the conservation of the environment.
Thanks to everyone who supported us. It was an incredible day, full of discoveries, laughs and adventures.

Special Thanks to :
- Yaan Spa Tulum, I Scream Bar Tulum , Clan-Destino Tulum for your financial support to our program and Batey Bar Tulum for your financial support to this field trip.
- Mexico Kan Tours for your operational support
- Ulysses for providing us the delicious food and Pan Comido Tulum por los snacks !
- Carlos Hernandez, Melike transports and his driver Antonio, Mayan coast transports and his driver Nicolas for offering us the transportation and for driving us so carefully
- Uma Nojoch Kéej, Manuel and his family for welcoming our young teenagers and for inspiring us with your dedication and work
- Cenote Esmeralda in Nuevo Durango for caring for all of us in the water
- Punta Laguna Reserva for guiding us through the rainforest and sharing your work with us
- Esteban Pliego, Alejandro Rios y Ocho, our amazing guides! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and passion with them!
- Sergio Barron for offering us the tee-shirts !
- Kimberly Rivero for being our volunteer for the English class and for helping us during this field trip!

***YUM BO'OTIK ***


32 young people from the Mayan community of Chumpón signed up to follow the summer program of Movida Maya. Every Monday and every Wednesday of July and August, we offered workshops to those young people aged between 11 and 16 years old. The summer program was part of our annual program and developed the thematic of the “environment”.

The various workshops talked about:
- Be located in the world (atlas, globe, map, geography ...)
- Knowing your environment (ecosystems, climate, ...)
- Learning about the animal kingdom (groups of animals, endemic animals, threatened animals, ...)
- Birds world (observation, groups of birds, endemic birds ...)
- The water (resource, challenges, conservation ...)
- The challenges and solutions for our environment

They learned through books, games, maps, didactic materials, expositions. But above all, we received several special guests such as:
- The specialist of birds and their legends: Jorge Machado Castro of Green Maya Tulum
- The nature guide and specialist of the endemic birds: Miguel Amar de Mexico Kan Tours
- The biologist Alejandro Lopez of Centinelas del Agua A.C, to talk about water issues and understand the urgent challenges to protect our aquifers.
-The artists Patricia Pagnucco and Juan Felipe Cespedes Lopez with whom they discovered the art world and learned more about animals through painting.

TWO DAYS of workshops to discover literature (JULY 2018)


At the beginning of July, we received the association Letras Itinerantes. This association wants to encourage reading "from small" throughout the country, mainly in marginalized areas, as in the Mayan communities.

For two days, the young people of the Movida Maya program discovered the Mexican poet, Nobel Prize for Literature, Octavio Paz. They learned to read poetry, understand it and feel it. Every one also wrote a poem.


Then, they worked the printing on fabrics, from words that they like. They did a work on the meaning of words and learned a technique to make their impressions on canvas.
Thanks to Letras Itinerantes for offering those two days to our young participants. They loved it and adore the books they received from you! THANK YOU !


After the heavy rains that struck Quintana Roo in early June, the community of Chumpón where Movida works, was heavily flooded,  washing away the belongings of the families and forcing approximately 70 people out of their homes.

As Movida has been working in the community since January, we immediately decided to respond to the flood crisis by calling for donations based on the immediate needs of the community.

Movida coordinated closely with actors such as the civil protection and Marina to ensure delivery of the items which included hygiene products, nappies, food and clothes to the those most affected by the floods.

After one week, water levels decreased and families returned home. Although life seems to return to normal, the floods have affected their livelihoods over the long term.

Their pitahaya fields, principle source of economy, have been destroyed and their livestock and honey bees have died.

Movida will continue to monitor the needs of the community and assess its contribution to the recovery of their livelihood with its program.


Your support will allow Movida Maya to support the families affected by the floods, as the urgent needs are: repellent, mosquito's screen, hygiene products, new animals as bees or chickens, food, milk for baby.


The Festival Art with Me, in Tulum, offered a visibility and the organization of an exhibition to Movida Maya.

This exhibition is the result of the workshop "images and identity" (see below) where the Mayan young participants interrogated the image means and meet a professional photographer.


Through photography and the participation of the professional photographer Anna Fishkin, , the young participants of Movida Maya explored during few weeks, their own perception of their village, their traditions and their identity.




The workshop "images and identity" was built through the projects "Youth Leadership" and "Cultural Identity". The activity was carried out with a group of 8 young people of 15 years old from the community of Chumpón.

The workshop, which took place over 5 weeks (one day per week), wanted to understand young people's own perception of their people, their traditions and their identity. Through the art of photography, young people were able to illustrate, through their photos, their own perceptions of their identity and their community.

During a first day, the young people explored the notion of image and interrogated the perception that each one can have of the same image. They learned to interrogate the image and explore their own critical sense. During the second and third day, they found a professional photographer, Anna Fishkin. They explored their work together and discovered the profession of photographer.

During those two days, they were each with cameras, and with the help of the photographer, to take pictures, answering several questions (What do you want to tell others about your community, Illustrate your daily life, Take a picture that represents joy in your community, take a picture of the place you like most ...).

On the fourth and fifth day, they filled out a "photo diary" with their own photos and illustrated their favorite photos with legends.

Through this project, the association wants to promote young people's values f self-confidence, aspirations for their future, well-being and artistic expression.

Also, the objective was that they share their personal visions of their identity, traditions and reconnect with local history.

First workshops with the students of the secondary school of Chumpón (MARCH 2018)

Start of the program (test phase) in the secondary school of the Mayan community of Chumpón.

Activity to know each others and find a trust relationship. Discovering their vision of their village, their aspirations and dreams.

January to March 2018

o   Selection of the community(ies) where Movida will be implemented

o   Design of the program and of the activities with objectives on the long term

o   Partnership development with the selected communities to start the project

September- December 2017

o   Ethnographic research: Implementation of a qualitative method in Mayan communities (Chunyaxché, Macario Gomez, Nuevo Durango, Tihosuco, Chumpon, Chunon, Chunya, Tepich...)

o   Realization of semi structured Interviews, focus group discussions, participative diagnosis exercises with key informants: elders, men, women, young people, workers, unemployed people, people with disabilities…) and of other community actors (community leaders, school teachers, ejidetarios, community organizations, Save the Children Tulum, Centro communitario La Ceiba, Osa Mayor, Los amigos de la Esquina…)



o   Development of a fundraising and administrative plan

o   Partnership development

o   Fundraising and Promotion activities


July-August 2017

o   Analysis of the social context and intervention zone

o   Bibliography review, analysis of current statistics, primary field visits (observation and orientation)



Pictures by Movida Maya A.C