We are currently focusing on collecting funds towards our Social Bus Project. In response to the lack of access to a communal and educational space dedicated to young people, we want to bring it to them!

To reach our goal, we need to buy a school bus and transform it into a mobile social center. This will enable us to provide a suitable place for young people, to carry out our activities and to reach more Mayan communities.

What the bus will offer :

  • Outreach to more Mayan communities
  • Mobile library & material storage
  • Space for activities and workshops
  • Computer access
  • Meeting place for young people
  • A safe and dynamic environment for the participants
We are looking to buy a bus (old school bus type) and transform it inside.

We are looking to buy a bus (old school bus type) and transform it inside.

Our Expected Results

By June 2020, thanks to the Social Bus:

  • 30% of the youth aged 12-22 from the Mayan community have regularly participated to the year program of Movida Maya
  • 50% of participants have new aspirations to have a professional situation related to their own culture or tradition
  • 100% of participants have learned about their immediate natural resources and act to protect them
  • 80% of participants have developed strong life skills (such as personal confidence, interpersonal communication and leadership)
  • 5% of participants have developed a personal professional project in their community, supported by Movida Maya
  • 90% of participants with difficulties at school have developed better basic school skills
  • 100% of participants have safe reproductive practices and healthy habits
  • 90% of participants have influenced their families’ sustainable habits (e.g.: conservation of their environment and culture; good health and alimentation practices; solidarity and community living…)
  • 100% of participants have access to the mobile library, computer, didactic material, educative games, safe space and a professional and dedicated team
  • 3 different Mayan communities of Quintana Roo have been reached by the Social Bus Project
  • 5 modules have been delivered in the 3 Mayan communities (Food; Health, Habitats, Environment, History & Traditions…), using art and creative methodology
  • One community garden has been developed in each Mayan community, with a group of participants in charge of it.


Your donation allows us to continue the program in more Mayan communities, generate new leaders, and empower local people to create a sustainable local life in their own village, offering a safety and dynamic space for the young participants.