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In a local context of frenetic economic and urban development, indigenous Maya communities are seeing the disappearance of their local knowledge, skills and resources, essential to their livelihood. Part of the community migrates, on a daily or long-term basis, through urban areas in the hope of finding a better income. In this context, the indigenous youth, representing the future of these people, are often lost between two worlds, without dreams and in search of a "civilized" success and emergency job offers. These factors furthermore lead to the loss of their local culture and knowledge.

Movida, a Mexican Non-Profit Organization, provides integral attention to strengthening the capacities of young adults so that they can develop livelihoods and a more sustainable life for their community and society. We focus on developing workshops based on the identity and culture of these peoples to revalue knowledge and skills essential to the sustainability of indigenous communities.

Through its activities, Movida offers the opportunity to young people to open their horizon of possibilities   and strengthen their capacities to be leaders of their lives within their villages.
Through a comprehensive youth-led phased approach, Movida mobilizes young people to develop a personal project through, for example, participatory capacity building workshops, alliances with companies and organizations, and traditional knowledge workshops.

Movida provides advice to accompany each young person in their personal project with actions necessary for their realization, which may include: strengthening basic school knowledge, training their knowledge with professionals, inviting other communities to share their experience, learning to plan and implementing their community project, and empowering local people to develop the livelihood of their community.


We are  currently offering the program in the Mayan community of Chumpón, about 50km south of Tulum, in the Quintana Roo.

We deliver the program each Monday and each Wednesday, working with teenagers aged 12-25 years old.

Our Program is divided in 5 modules, each included between 6 and 10 workshops.

  • Environment

  • Sustainable life

  • History and traditions

  • Health

  • Nutrition and food

Each modules focus on these 3 thematics:

1. Youth Leadership - This project includes activities around sexual health and reproduction, women empowerment, life skills (self-confidence, interpersonal communication, aspiration, decision making, team player, etc.), educational support, artistic expression and creative thinking, environmental actions, field trip. This project will place particular attention on empowering women as the basis for the sustainability of their community.

2. Cultural identity - This include activities such as workshops to share personal visions of their local identity, local history and historicity, cultural and traditional aspirations workshops, intergenerational exchange, field visit of communities, encounters with leaders in cultural identity.

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3. Sustainable community - This include activities such as workshops on the development of traditional skills, professional training, aspirations development, environmental conservation, capacity building on local agriculture method visit of local projects, IT, accounts management and encounters with professional local role-model, visit of university programs and of other local community led income generating activities.


We need to collect funds to buy a bus and transform it into a mobile social center to carry out our activities.

What the bus will offer :

  • Outreach to more Mayan communities

  • Mobile library & material storage

  • Space for activities and workshops

  • Computer access

  • Meeting place for young people

  • A safe and dynamic environment for the participants