Increase the capacity of indigenous youth, whilst preserving their cultural identity, to build a sustainable future for themselves and contribute to the livelihood of their communities.


A world in which indigenous youth contribute to a more self sufficient and sustainable life for themselves, their families and within their communities.



1. Revalue and strengthen traditional knowledge as potential livelihood and economic income.

2. Strengthen basic educational knowledge and skills necessary for young people to develop and carry out their own personal project.

3. Generate new leaders models of self-sufficiency, in the community and society, with a particular focus on women.




We are lovers of the fascinating social and cultural diversity that characterizes our world. From a very young age, we traveled and explored diverse countries and neighborhoods. These experiences were both enriching yet cause of questioning, as we became deeply touched by the injustice and inequalities faced by humans.

We trained as an anthropologist and sociologist, convinced that a deeper understanding of cultural differences, of society, its functioning and stakes, can create positive actions.  We have the desire to contribute to building a fairer world and support ethnic, gender and socio-economic minorities in overcoming challenges and help them to transform their destiny.

Tulum and its surrounding is a place we call home, but it is an area that constantly faces social and environmental challenges which first and foremost impacts the more vulnerable. It is therefore naturally at home that we start putting our feelings and values into action.


Throughout its activities, Movida Maya is particularly dedicated at:

- Ensuring gender equality

- Including young people living with disabilities

- Giving a voice to minorities

-  Conserving cultural and natural heritage

-  Participating in environmental action

-  Adopting a community led approach


Pictures by Movida Maya A.C